November 28,2016

Public lecture by Giorgi Bakradze on “Monetary and supervisory policy of National Bank”

On November 24 advisor to the president of National Bank of Georgia- Giorgi Bakradze gave a public lecture on “Monetary and Supervisory Policy of National Bank”. Lecture was organized by Ilia State University Public Policy research and Training Center.

Mr. Bakradze generally overviewed preconditions for development banking system in Georgia and difficult circumstances that were caused by hyperinflation in 1990s. He also gave a detailed description of fundamentals, principles and strategy of development of National bank of Georgia. He explained to the attendees monetary and supervisory policies of National bank and the tools, it can use in order to influence abovementioned directions. On the public lecture were discussed foreign shocks of 2008 and 2012 years as well and Mr. Bakradze explained the policy pursued by National Bank trying to mitigate the impacts of those economic shocks. At the end of the meeting, Mr. Bakradze spoke about the principles of targeting inflation in Georgia.

The lecture was held in the mode of discussion. Such topics as, factors, hampering sustainable development of economy in Georgia, the reasons of devaluation of national currency and future outlook caused the special interest of audience.

The lecture was held in the framework of lecture series “Impact of Europeanization on Public Policy Changes in Georgia”. On November 28, 19:00 next lecture will be given by Batu Kutelia – Vice-president of Atlantic Council in Georgia. The topic of the lecture is “Impact of Europeanization on Defense policy of Georgia”.