December 12,2016

PPRTC hosted Public Lecture by Zurab Tchiaberashvili

On December 8th, Ilia State University Public Policy Research and Training Center (PPRTC) hosted a public lecture led by Ilia State University Professor Zurab Tchiaberashvili. The topic of the lecture was Healthcare Public Policy Management.

The lecturer reviewed the role of the state in healthcare policy formation, analyzed the current universal healthcare program and its outcomes. Professor Tchiaberashvili scrutinized the efficiency of the program and presented its financial indicators.

During the lecture, major schemes of healthcare programs as implemented in the developed countries were presented. Accent was made on demonstrating different models such as insurance medicine, universal and targeted healthcare programs. Emphasis was made on the role of the insurance companies in the process, different schemes of state funding given directly to the hospitals vs via the insurance companies.

The lecture was followed by a discussion. Participants were particularly interested in hearing more on the stance of the pharmaceutical markets in Georgia and abroad, questions touched upon the role of the state as a regulator. Discussion concerned the reasonability of the state to be actively involved in the healthcare sector.

The lecture was held within the seminar series - “Europeanization and its effect on Public Policy Formation in Georgia”. The next lecture will be held on December 12th, 19:00 at Ilia State University auditorium G106 led by Professor Nikoloz Kavelashvili. The topic of the lecture will be Economic Development: the Case of the Eastern European Countries.