November 29,2016

Public Lecture by Batu Kutelia: “Impact of Europeanization on Defense Policy in Georgia”

On November 28 Ilia State University Public Policy Research and Training Center (PPRTC) hosted another public lecture. The Topic of the lecture was “Impact of Europeanization on Defense Policy in Georgia”. It was leaded by Vice-president of Atlantic Council of Georgia-Batu Kutelia.

The guest-speaker reviewed Georgia’s security condition after restoring independence and described the challenges, our country was facing in terms of defense. He also spoke about changes in NATO’s role and its influence on activation of “Partnership for Peace” program. Mr. Kutelia showcased to the audience the dynamics of institutional development of Georgian defense policy; he also added that the process of Europeanization is important, because it supports the formation of such institutions, that make abovementioned process irreversible.

Mr. Kutelia made focus on elaboration of Georgia’s National Security Strategy document and the importance of involving all stakeholders in this process. He also noted, that in order to impose effective defense policy and react on new security challenges, intergovernmental coordination and cooperation is vitally important.

The meeting traditionally was held in the mode of discussion. The attendees were interested in the existed mechanisms by which Georgia has to handle terorism. Also they asked Mr. Kutelia about the organizational structure of Georgia’s armed forces and future plans about restructuring them.
On December 1, 19:00 next lecture will be given by the Dean of School of Law at ISU-Irakli Porchkhidze. The topic of the following lecture is “Changing Geopolitical reality: Trends and Challenges.”